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  1. Of course! Yes, I did. I purchased the app from the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store version is 12011.1001.1.0 The RuntimeBroker version is 10.0.19041.746 I don't use any third-party anti-virus software except for the built-in Microsoft Windows Defender one. Also, please note, when the hardware acceleration is enabled in any Affinity app settings, the overall performance feels laggy. I use the NVIDIA ASUS Strix 3090 graphics card with the latest video drivers installed.
  2. Same here. The registration and logging in went Okay on Mac and iPad, but not on Windows: Does anyone know how to fix this on Windows 10?
  3. Hello Affinity team, Here is the feature request to do easy feathering. Usually, in Xara Designer, I put a picture in a vector object and use feathering to smooth edges of the object. As an example: No feather: With feather: Feathering is done as simple as dragging a slider to the desired number of pixels to smooth the edges. I wonder, if such functionality is possible to implement for the Layer effects? If yes, then when it's expected? If no, then why and how to achieve the same effect now in Affinity Designer? Thanks, Arlen.
  4. Ahh. It is Thank you, @dominik You made my day Please, consider this topic as resolved.
  5. Hello Affinity devs, Are there any plans to implement CUSP join for curves in Affinity Designer (like Xara does)? I extremely need this. Thanks, Arlen.
  6. It was created in Xara and exported to the SVG by Xara. Then it was successfully opened by Inkscape and then re-exported to plain SVG from Inkscape.
  7. Sorry for misunderstanding then Yeah. It looks like the file is the correct SVG from the W3C standard perspective (except for one warning )
  8. This SVG was generated by Inkscape with the plane SVG option. I'm very doubtful that this SVG is wrong because, as I stated before, any web browser, Xara and Inkscape can display this SVG correctly. Though, to state this SVG is incorrect we need to know whether it complies with the W3C specification or not. Yes, it does. But the question is not about why it contains masks. It contains masks because SVG can legally contain masks. Why not? :) The question is why AD cannot properly parse it, execute and display while other applications can do it without a hassle. ;)
  9. Thanks to everyone for the clarification. It helped a little bit. I'll explain why "a little bit". If Designer knows that the SVG object is going to be outside the page and totally invisible to the user, could Designer warn the user about this situation and suggest to move it onto the visible area of the page in this case? Now Designer feels a little bit user unfriendly Designer goes even further in being misleading for the user by displaying the empty surrounding rectangle on the empty page thus making the user think that this empty rectangle IS the real SVG object. Why Designer even dr
  10. Correct, but even if Xara creates a raster effect, it manages to recalculate the effect perfectly every time an object changes or it exports a document for different DPIs. I agree, Affinity has the bevel layer effect but it's not as powerful and flexible as Xara's yet But I believe Serif will do the bevel tool more powerful and flexible than that in Xara! Thank you!
  11. Hello Serif team. Thank you for the great Affinity products that you do! There are a couple of features that I miss in Affinity Designer from Xara Designer Pro X. 1. The first feature is the Blend tool in Xara Designer Pro that allows you to create a number of transformations from one vector object into another with a variety of options, including morphing colours, shapes and the ability to align the result along a vector path (like aligning a text along a path). It also can duplicate one object multiple times in a variety of ways. Later, you can convert a blend object to separate ed
  12. Hello Serif team. First of all, let me thank you for the amazing Affinity products that you've been making. Now, I want to report a bug about placing an SVG file. I try to place an SVG file into Designer and/or Publisher but it doesn't show up at all. I looks like a totally transparent object on the page. But the Inskape, Xara Designer Pro and Google chrome browser applications can display the SVG (I've attached to this topic) without any problem. Is it a bug? Thanks, Arlen. 1-plane.svg
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