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  1. I try to change from Adobe to Affinity and it works. However sometimes I find something that I miss. I need HKS and RAL as well and wondering why it is not implemented so far? I hope it will implemented in nearly future.
  2. Oder ALT + beide Maustasten drücken. Mit gedrückten Tasten die Maus dann nach oben/unten oder rechts/links schieben. Es verändert sich die Härte bzw. die Größe des Pinsels.
  3. Hi All, is it possible to change the color of the "helping lines (Hilfslinien)" in Affinity Publisher from blue to red? Best regards - Aplic
  4. Hello there, I Have two questions regarding tables and hope one of you can help me. 1. I am searching for a possibility to fill cells with fill characters (dots). Like the possibility when using tab stops. 2. Is it possible to have double lines? I only found dotted and solid line. Best regards - aplic