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  1. Hello after updating to the latest version of Publisher it shows a fundamental error ... each placed graphic has the status "missing" in the resource manager and after exporting to pdf the graphic is rasterized .... the only way is to close and reopen the file 😞 has anyone else met with it?
  2. I'm looking forward to new updates, but I haven't made any changes for the better, the designer is slower and even crashes unexpectedly, which didn't happen to me in the older version .... I'm working on a weaker laptop and the new upgrade probably pushed me to buy a laptop to could work normally ... or I'll revert to an older version
  3. Hi I miss the ability to convert a bitmap from RGB to CMYK or greyscale or back .... even with different ICCs .... e.g. I have a CMYK + ICC profile27 photo27 document, I insert a RGB bitmap and I need it in CMYK + ICC ISOcoated v2, it doesn't work .... and it doesn't work even if I want to convert an RGB bimap to CMYK with an iCC document profile ... I used it in corel draw and it's a great feature ... or does such a function exist and I can't find it? well thank you
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