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  1. Thank you so much for your assistance with this! I did manage to locate these parameters and set it as you have instructed. The print orientation came out correctly this time. The issue is solved! There is no way I could have figured this out without your help. Thank you again!
  2. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I cannot find any settings pages that look anything like either of your posted examples. Maybe because I use only Macs and not PC. In your screenshot I see a setting for Double Sided, set to "flip long side". This seems like it might do it, but I have not been able to locate this dialog. When I select "Print" from the file menu, the standard Mac printer dialog pops up. Attached are screenshot of what I see. In the 2nd screenshot is the "layout" section which a show "model" choice menu, but I wouldn't know which one to choose or if any would resolve the issue
  3. I created a two-page document in Publisher. When printing, I wanted to print on both sides of one sheet of paper, so "two-sided" is checked in my printer dialog. The orientation looks correct in both Publisher and the print dialog. But on the actual print, one page is upside down from the other. What do I do to print with the correct vertical orientation on both sides of the paper?