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  1. In CorelDraw there is a Blend Tool that enables you to join to objects together along a blend path. You could select how many steps the blend took and also twist the blend giving some really nice effects. The objects didn't have to be the same size, shape or colour, the tool would calculate the transition required to blend Object one to Object two. I was wondering does Affinity Designer have this capability because I use it a lot in my work. Thank you in advance. Paul.
  2. Thank you MEB, downloaded and opened help file, all appears OK. Now just to see how it stands up to Corel... There is already one thing I can't find that Corel does but that is for another thread. Again thank you MEB for your help.
  3. I didn't download from the App Store I downloaded directly from your web page. It is not a Beta Version, it is the Trial Version. The only Beta Version I have is Affinity Photo and the help screen for that works fine.
  4. Its not the Beta version that is causing the problem but the trial version of Designer. The Affinity Photo Help screen works fine. All recent Photo Beta Updates have been installed and I assume I am using the latest version of Designer as I downloaded it only a couple of days ago. I can't find an option to force the software to look to see if there are any updates.
  5. This is weird... I opened up Affinity Designer whilst Affinity Photo Beta was open and the menu Item is there. If I close Affinity Photo the menu in Designer Help disappears. Another problem occurs when both Applications are open and an item from Designer Help menu is selected. After reading the item you click the back button to return to the main menu, the menu just disappears without trace. I then have to close both Applications down, reopen both, and then open "Affinity Designer Help" again. So now if I want to use Designer help with the menu in place I have to open the Beta version of Photo, and then close and reopen both programmes when I need to read a new item. Just for the record, the Menu stays in place when using Affinity Photo Beta. The problem is only experienced with the Help screen in Designer.
  6. Yes I have Affinity Photo Beta loaded as well. When I run Affinity Photo the Menu list is there.
  7. I have just downloaded the trial version of Affinity Designer. I wanted to read trough the help files in order to get a feel for the new software as I have been a lifelong user of CorelDRAW since V1 and am now just about to update to the latest version. When I clicked on the "Affinity Designer Help" item under the Help Menu, the new screen opened but there was no menu of items on the left hand side. I know it should be there as it flashes up very fleetingly when I first open the screen. Is there a bug with this waiting to be ironed out or is there something I can do on my system to rectify it. Mac OS X Yosemite with all latest updates installed including latest version of Java for OS X. Screen shot attached. Thank you in advance. (I run CorelDRAW, that is Windows only, on my Mac via Parallels Desktop before anybody asks :-D)
  8. Nice for Dams to admit that he is willing to partake in criminal activity, opting for the Pirated software rather than buy the real thing. (And tarring most other PC users as well). Not something you want to openly admit for reasons, ethical, moral , economical, and many other reasons. With that statement Mac software writers won't write any software for PCs as they wouldn't make any money what with most PC users Pirating their software.
  9. Just like to add, if you buy a Mac you can run Windows and Mac software side-by-side seamlessly by purchasing Parallels Desktop (UKĀ£64.99.) Two systems in one.
  10. I wonder if all the people stating that Serif should make Affinity a Bi-Platform application, are going to use all their energy telling all of the other Windows OS Software manufacturers to buck their ideas up and make their software run on Mac as well. PCs have an enormous amount of software that is only available on Windows, and as has already been mentioned much of that is aimed at the graphics market, this includes Corel, who refuse to make their flagship product CorelDRAW run on Mac. Corel produce Painter and Paintshop Pro now with RAW edit capabilities, and both these products have been tried and tested for software in the same price point as Serif. I have a Mac, but I can also run any Windows software (including CorelDRAW X5 and MS Office 2007) on my system side-by-side with my Mac software without any restrictions to operability. Is it not time that Microsoft enabled their software to do the same on PCs even if it is via a third party piece of software. I also have Windows 7 running on my Mac using BootCamp as if it were running on a native PC, so I technically have two Computers in one. So why not get on to the PC software and hardware community and get them to enable PCs to run Mac software seamlessly alongside their own programmes, that way it doesn't matter what platform you have. Apple have done it for years now.
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