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  1. Hi @Gabe and @Sean P, Just wanted to see if you had any update on this. Are there any plans to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  2. Hi Sean, Thanks for the update. Do you think this issue will be resolved for 2GB devices?
  3. I have attached another screen recording. Just to note, I am running this on a 2017 9.7” iPad Pro. We also tried this on a 2018 12.9” iPad Pro and did not have the same crashing issues. 784F0F22-C353-499B-9537-9A528A102AA3.MP4
  4. @GabrielM Yes, it seems to only be that specific project.
  5. @GabrielM I factory reset my iPad and re-installed the app but it’s continuing to crash.
  6. @GabrielM I was able to recover my file using the method you described. However, now whenever I try to add a pixel paint brush stroke the app crashes. The same doesn’t appear to be true when adding a vector paint brush stroke. Do you have any advise for what might be causing this?
  7. Hi @GabrielM I tried this but unfortunately it still crashed. F300488E-7D88-492D-A2C4-5DE660DC747D.MP4
  8. Designer on iPad crashes every time I attempt to open or save a specific document. My other, smaller, documents open fine but this specific document has become unusable. Details: Device: iPad Pro 9.7” (2017) Designer Version: IMG_0022.MP4
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