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  1. Working from Windows 7, a fault is that Bahnschrift text boxes from a W10 source may not work in say Word 2013. A text box came to me in a B't semibold sub font. In Word 2013 it promptly overflowed. Presumably the text box width was minimised eg by using control handles. and set to 'Text width + LRspacings' Solutions: 1. Decreasing the text to border spacings restored the original text line. 2. Alternatively, altering the font to 'basic'Bahnschrift ( as generally available as a download ) restored the original text placings. It appears that the Properties of the text box are set according to the width of the characters in the basic Bahnschrift font only. Surely the width carried in the properties should be the actual text width, not the basic font. From my point of view, this is a bug, in that the true subfont width is not used to calculate the text width for the Properties. This isn't an idle gripe - it cost my church printing group money.