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  1. Hello An odd one - In Affinity Publisher, why does the top menu sometimes show the picture frame size and zoom information, but sometimes not? For example. I have 2 picture frames, both the same size, both with the same size and resolution image in them. Only difference, one contains a PNG the other a PSD. When I select the one with a PNG in, it says (in the top left hand corner) Picture Frame 3840 x 2160 pixels @ 335dpi (89%) and an arrow to change DPI or scale (Very helpful). But when I select the other picture frame that contains the PSD it does not show this information? (Not very helpful) Is is just because it is a PSD and Publisher treats them differently? Thanks.
  2. Hello Thanks for the reply, turning that option on makes no difference. The problem is that I am trying to stop zoom from happening at all with the Apple Magic Mouse. When I use the option key to duplicate any selected objects, I can very easily touch the middle section of the mouse, this causes the window to zoom in or out unintentionally. This is what I am hoping to prevent. Other navigation with the Magic Mouse is superb - swipe up or down to move pages up and down, swipe left and right to move pages left and right. Its only when using option that problems occur.
  3. Is it possible to have the option to disable the zoom when pressing option and the middle mouse button. I am using an Apple Magic Mouse and when ever I press the option key (duplicating selected objects) you can very easily accidentally touch the middle mouse area on the Magic Mouse. This makes the zoom jump in and out all the time. Would be good if there was an option to prevent this in the same way that you have an option to disable scrubby zoom etc. Thanks.
  4. Currently running latest OS 10.14.5 Just clicking between images. Sometime I might have just zoomed in (using Z key and then clicking) or panning around (using the space bar to grab and move around) Thanks.
  5. Hello Got it working - was just being stupid - used the insert index mark and just changed the title entry (highlights the lastname, insert index mark then added a ", Firstname" in the popup) Works perfectly Many thanks.
  6. Frequently when selecting an image, the resize slider is incorrectly placed and cannot be used. In order to get the slider working I have to zoom out of the page, and then back in and re select the image. The resize slider then correctly appears under the image selected.
  7. How do you index a person's name? normally you would index as "LastName, FirstName" but if you add this as a topic then you cannot find that person in the document because the names are not displayed that way? I can set up the topic as "First Name Last Name" and then sort by their Last Name initial, but the index then looks wrong. Any suggestions?
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