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    HSL nodes merging - bug?

    can confirm, happened to me too. and also, RANDOMLY, HSL Would reset back to zero while adjusting some values. all edits gone..
  2. i just bought a card reader and switched back to 12.4. im DL-ing my raws to photos directly. what you said about your experience doesnt really help, i was looking for people with same experience as me and find a solution. not people not having trouble with their app. GOOD FOR YOU that you have a good experience. have a nice day.
  3. ipad pro 9.7 wifi 128GB user here im on ipadOS if that matters, im having the same issue. i bought affinity photo for ipad to edit raws from my sonya6400, my current workflow is to upload raws in google drive and make them available offline in ipad gdrive, open in affinity photo and edit, my additional question is, is it possible to save current raw develop edit without pressing develop yet? when i close the file without pressing develop, it doesnt save in app. file size per photo is 24mb, 6000x4000. theres not a session when it doesnt lag, im so disappointed, i just bought the app T_T EDIT: i just offloaded the app, Trying to reinstall again, this timewithout messing with the settings.... or if theres any setting that i can turn on/off to optimize performance (lesser undo, cache), kindly specify.
  4. xTrinity

    Report issues using Photo on iPadOS 13 Beta HERE

    ipad pro 9.7 wifi 128gB user here. I purchased affinity photo ipad for editing photos, but it lags and crash a lot i have sonya6400 my current workflow is like these. i upload raw file(.ARW) from desktop to google drive and make them availabke offline in ipad google drive, from google drive app i choose (open in) affinity photo, photo size is 24MB per photo. 6000x4000 pixels it lags and hangs every now and then, as in everything stops for like 5-10 sec, i can change app though.

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