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  1. I was referred to this thread from I was getting the blue screen when substituting fonts when opening a PDF in Designer version Removing that Windows update permitted me to substitute the fonts, but the blue screen returned when I tried to save the edited file as an afdesign file. Tony
  2. I'll report back on that thread. I did remove that update, which allowed me to substitute the fonts and edit the file. However, when I tried to save my edits as a Designer file the blue screen returned. Tony
  3. When trying to substitute fonts when opening a PDF, I twice got the blue screen from Windows 10. Designer version The blue screen cited cldfit.sys. Regards -- Tony
  4. When importing into Affinity Designer an architectural PDF that has translucent overlay layers, I am getting single diagonal lines in the fill areas. I'd like to remove those. Also, some overlay polygons have borders that do not switch off when I set them to 0 pixels. Any thoughts on how to improve this import? It does come through with the original program's layers intact. Thank you.
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