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  1. Thanks Steadman! glad i could help out
  2. I am aware this is an old post but for those(like me) who have just obtained the program and have no idea about the artboards...(instead of automatically loosing your collage of concepts when you CTRL+N and POOF..GONE!) and wondering about artboards... Artboards in my opinion of this fabolous software is the reason the name has been given "Affinity" - a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, especially a resemblance in structure . Think of the artboards from a designer standpoint, artboards in tangible aspects is the blank white or black canvas Bob Ross buys and draws on. But he also has other concepts of the same design so he pulls the translucent paper of his first artboard, sketches over it and grabs another artboard and lays his concept with updates "artboard2".. and so on and on. I have found artboards to be very beneficial. I no longer lose my designs concepts from the new document itself. For some reason, when you start a new document and you have a current document and you never saved... it's a goner. So I just start a fresh document and select the artboard tool and draw a nice size box to work in and create a few artboards just to put different designs on and I save it. NOW I have multiple concepts under one roof. Within each artboard pertains it's own dedicated projects and layers and so on that you would have with just a normal document. So everything you do in "artboard1" stays within that artboard. Same for artboard2...3...4...etc. So if you are designing a logo for a client and you have a mere 5-6 concept designs, you can design on one, copy and paste to the other and change it styles and so on and ALL of the artboards have their own independent projects pertaining the layers and everything. I personally love it to death!. I promise i never knew about it and was totally lost on the reason, until I kept losing my design projects with no way to recover. So artboards are like mini "Affinity" apps running within itself. I surely hope I made some sort of sense lol

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