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  1. I'd like to just put this out here so people can put likes and add visibility for developers. This feature would really help me out. I'm pretty sick of exporting pdf:s and adding bookmarks to it with another software. I wish I could just do them in one software.
  2. I've been working on a book and It has quite a few tables. Sometimes I encounter an issue where I'm unable to backspace, delete or input another character into the table or other text boxes. It all results into these boxes that look like an empty character. This happens too if I use the arrow keys on my keyboard. It happened multiple times during working on the book but when I tried to replicate this bug or issue but was unable to. I will provide screenshots if this happens again. I mitigated this issue by saving and then closing the document and opened the document again.
  3. Hello all, I don't usually feel comfortable sharing my name, so I won't do it now. I'm a young man in mid twenties. Anyway, I decided to buy Affinity programs to find alternatives to Adobe programs and after I gave the free beta of publisher a try. I ended up really liking the program (there are issues but what program doesn't have them) and buying the rest of the programs to have a full interworking set of programs. I have attended a school to and have graduated as a media assistant, specializing in print and I've liked working with print, boxes, magazines, books etc. Now I do it to have a creative outlet.
  4. I can definitely give a boost to this. I noticed when I was working on a large project during exporting phase I got a message that one link was outdated, I have still no idea what was outdated and going through each one by one is not very appealing when you have over 90 pages.
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