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  1. Thank you Patrick I will hold off making a purchase for now until I have converted the hundreds of docs I use regularly
  2. Hi I use PagePlus X9, DesignPlus X8 and PhotoPlus X8 can documents saved in these be opened in the Affinity equivalent?
  3. Thanks everyone I think I will take the plunge and get Affinity because it sounds like it is a work in progress.
  4. Hi ErrkaPetti Thanks for the reply I don't use Adobe products only Serif just want to know a few things before I step up from PagePlus, Drawplus and Photoplus If I knew the answer I would not ask the question.
  5. Hi Excuse the sacrilege for mentioning this but in Illustrator you can easily wrap text in a shape as shown in the attached picture. Can you do the same within Designer.
  6. Hi My name is Rob I've been using Serif products for the last 10 years I currently use Pageplus X9, Drawplus X8 and Photoplus X8. I am tempted by the Affinity range but have a few questions before hand.
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