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  1. I have exported one more time from Affinity Designer, and everthing looks to be OK, thanks for Your help jargol
  2. Nothing chenged after this modification. Situation is strange for me because it is only about 1 photo. Any other - looks OK.
  3. Hey Chris B, Zipped file attached. photos.zip (there are PRT SCR, attached above added to this zip file) - oryginal file is here: https://we.tl/t-XOkvEdbP7g
  4. Dear, I have very strange problem which I never had before. I have got standard stock picture (1), with colours converted to CMYK and size changed for printing. During edition in Affinity Photo everything looks OK. When I export it to TIFF or JPG I receive picture with very strange colours (2). I looks that as windows preview, as well as in windows full screen (3). When I reopen it in Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer it looks normal. What may be a reason?