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  1. Hmm. That is a weird one. Perhaps files are converted to jpgs automatically when saved to the camera roll? Dunno. Still - good to hear you have a fix for your issue Cheryl53.
  2. Thanks all for your input on this - I've just found an answer! It turns out that the .ai file included a checkerboard image within the artwork!! I only realised when zooming, and noticed that the checkerboad squares were zooming too. So it wasn't an AD issue at all - really annoying though! One to watch out for. Thanks for your input folks!
  3. Hi Harry. I was about to post the .ai file, but I realised I'd be in breach of the license from Adobe. Sorry.
  4. Hi all. I'm having trouble getting a transparent background on an exported PNG. I'm using AD on ipad. Here's the scenario: I've imported a .ai file of a speech bubble and want to export 'as-is' as a transparent PNG. When I export the file, I'm seeing the bubble as a square image with a grid in in the background (see screenshot - blue background) Here's what I've tried. Each time, I get this grid in the background: 1. Gone to file -> Canvas -> set 'Transparent Canvas' 2. Deselected all. Export persona -> selected top level slice (whole page) -> selected PNG -> exported 3. Pixel persona -> Selected all -> Export -> select PNG -> Area: 'Whole Document" 4. Pixel persona -> Selected all -> Export -> select PNG -> Area: 'Selection without background" I'm really confused. I would have thought that the image has transparency by default. Why is AD adding this grid background (which in my limited, novice's understanding normally represents transparency)?? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  5. Got it! Thanks DM1 - appreciate it.
  6. Hi Dan. Thanks for the reply. Yes - I guessed that I would need to select a folder, but given that I was already inside one, didn't understand why I'd need a new folder. However - I've just created a new folder within that one, selected the new folder and was able to export my slices! Still don't know why a child folder would be any different, but whatever works! Thanks again for your help. Issues aside, I'm loving Designer so far. Look forward to getting into it. Cheers, Ron
  7. Hi all. Brand new user here, and I must be doing something stupid as this doesn't seem to make any sense to me...here goes: I'm trying to export a slice but can't complete it. I select the export persona, choose the slice tool and draw my selection. I can then see the slice being created under the 'Slices' menu on the right. I hit 'Export All' and it opens the Browse menu on icloud drive. I'm then asked to select a folder, which I do, but then it asks me to 'Select Items', (almost as if I'm trying to open a file instead of save one). Everything in the folder is greyed, so the only option I have is 'Done' - I hit done and nothing happens! Driving me crazy - what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
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