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  1. Come on Affinity. Moment of truth. AD is a vector software. DXF / DWG is the most used, recognized, and shared vector file format across the globe. No excuses at this point. I work on CAD at work and Affinity at home (only because I can't afford an AutoCAD license for home use). I'm about to jump ship, although you probably don't care now that you've gotten my money. It's been "considered" for years. At least tell us why it hasn't been implemented.
  2. PrinceCorwin

    Where are all the bushes

    Thank you @Murfee
  3. PrinceCorwin

    Where are all the bushes

    Thanks @Murfee. May I ask what the afstyles file in the link if for? Text Styles? Something else? Not sure how to install
  4. PrinceCorwin

    Where are all the bushes

    Thank You kindly. Good to be here.
  5. I've just installed AD and AP. I'm in the process of learning the software by taking the Affinity Designer Essentials course on Lynda dot com. During the chapter about managing vector brushes, the instructor mentions all the stock brushes available upon install. I have very few categories upon install. I don't have any of the special image vector brushes the instructor shows. Is this normal?

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