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  1. Thanks Murfee, I see the Color Sync under Color Matching and was able to find the profile. Not intuitive to me but it works and I will remember the drill. Thanks much. C.
  2. i have a canon pixma pro 100 Red River Premium Matte Plus paper. on an iMac, Presets image attached. In soft proof I see "Add Preset", cllick on a paper (which includes all I had in Photoshop) I name the preset and then i never see it again listed anywhere so I have no clue as to what that is about. -- I'm talking about AFPhoto. I go to file print and I see presets from Photoshop that I have set up for various papers and sizes.
  3. I am very confused about printing. It doesn't make sense. Is there a tutorial on printing basics for Affinity Photo. I am very proficient on Photoshop but am finding it difficult to find my icc paper or how to create a profile for a certain paper. some presets appear from my photoshop printing but I don't see my list of papers until I go to Soft Proof. If i select a paper there and then select "Add Preset", that preset doesn't appear anywhere that I can see. any help would be a big help. thanks C.