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  1. This is true. Red Hat Enterprise Linux was purchased for billions of dollars for a good reason!
  2. This is a very active thread, I hope the Serif guys are aware
  3. If an OS has a bad architecture it doesn't mean that its users produce bad stuff. Tbh, I try to avoid Windows because for developments many errors appear that don't make much sense. Mac and Linux are much more stable.
  4. I only work with Python for automations. It can be slow sometimes but is easy to laern for beginners. Hope there will be the possibility to script with Python someday
  5. This discussion is much bigger than I expected Linux is becoming a little bit more popular in professional businesses but for consumers it will stay with shitty WIndows and designers stay with fancy shining Mac OS overpriced Mac Pro. The VFX industry uses Linux Cent OS as a standard and it would be good to have more alternatives to GIMP The big question is if the effort is worth it for Serif.
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