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    Add a stable API and those users with the expertise (and a burning desire to so so!) can develop new bindings beyond the obvious candidates for interpreted languages (Javascript or Typescript; Python). Personally I'd like to see something for compiled languages too (C++, Rust) but my skills aren't up creating a binding. Although I've echoed some preferences myself, I still don't think saying "It must be language x or language y" is the way. Better to set things up from the outset so that other bindings are possible later on. Speed of execution isn't so much of a thing from where I sit -- much likelier to build a complex single page table setup than a 1500-page behemoth these days! For my uses, speed of development wins over execution speed nearly all the time. That's why I'd love to see Python. But I could live with Javascript/Typescript with only limited grumbles
  2. Undecided

    Table cell fill colour not applying

    Correction -- on exporting to PDF (using any PDF settings) or printing to PDF (using the MS PDF driver) there's a grey background (as against the actual blue swatch colour). And on export to PNG, no background colour at all.
  3. Hi, I just tried to change the background colour of a few table cells to a swatch colour, using the Table panel. Full opacity applied. According to the panel the colour is now set. According to the table itself, there is still no background -- it's transparent.
  4. Undecided

    Table row height

    Thanks GarryP. The table panel seems like the best method in that it allows precise row heights to be entered. I'm still nonplussed at the Transform panel working beyond the selected table rows. That should come with a health warning.
  5. How do I set a custom row height in a table? When I select a row and adjust its height manually in the 'transform' panel, that setting is applied to every row -- as much use as a chocolate teapot for any serious table design job. If there is a method, it's very well hidden.