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  1. I actually tried this with a Channel Mixer layer as a test with blue at 200%. Added this as an asset... doesn't have any thumbnail, so I pressed where the thumbnail should be, and selected "Insert". It definitely added the blue layer, but.it.does.absolutely.nothing! Opening the Channel Mixer in Adjustments, I can see blue is at 200%. I can reset it, add different colors, etc. It does nothing. I have to delete that layer and add a new channel mixer layer, and then it will change the photo when I manually adjust colors. When I purchased Affinity Photo, I was looking forward to be able to do some of this stuff on my iPad, but the limitations are astounding!
  2. Thanks everyone. Yes, I was able to add my signature after 3 posts. Anyone have any idea about my initial post? Is it a bug?... or should I ask this question in a different part of the forum so I can get help in creating presets for the Channel Mixer and Levels? Thanks!
  3. Since, for the life of me I cannot find a way to add a "signature", here are my tech specs: iPad 6 128 GB iOS 12.3 Affinity Photo iOS
  4. Can't find it anywhere ! How many posts do I have to have before the "signature" section appears in Account Settings?
  5. Can't find Add Preset button on some selections in the Adjustment Studio... like Channel Mixer and Levels. Or, aren't they supposed to have that? Thanks.
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