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  1. @AlfredWhat do you mean by 'convert the text to curves'? Where is that function in Affinity Photo? Thanks so much for your help.
  2. @firstdefence@markw@AlfredSomeone has identified the font but it still isn't exact so would u say the W and K have been stretched and warped a bit? Thanks https://www.bertholdtypes.com/font/ariston/bq/
  3. @firstdefence wow never knew that existed but I believe this logo font was made specifically for this company and therefore not available elsewhere.
  4. Hi, I am currently trying to learn Affinity Photo and where everything is etc. for university and I have a logo which is bad quality as you can see from the first image and I am basically wanting to smooth the edges. The second image is to emphasise the jaggedness. What is the best tool to use in Affinity Photo to make it have smooth edges? Thanks so much. Help is much appreciated.
  5. @AammppaaThanks so very much. Right now I'm using the trial but will definitely be purchasing it in the next few days. So very impressed. #ByePhotoshop
  6. As in Photoshop, the brush can be made a rectangle with no radius, how do I do that in Affinity Photo? Thanks Also how can i rotate the brush as seen in Photoshop? Thanks