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  1. If you have an icloud backup you could try and restore it to a time when it wasn't damaged. But other than that I could find anyway to fix it and had to redo it all over again. But now I make sure to save my files every time I go to make a change
  2. @Lee D Closing and reopening the app was one of the first things I did but that didn't work. And about starting a new document, although I’m not full sure I wouldn’t put it out of the picture, because I do know I do this a lot. But this is the first time this has happened. And if it helps in anything, the last thing I did in that document was import an EPS file into it.
  3. So I had this logo and business card redesign that I was working on and I was pretty much done except for some minor touch ups, and I go to my iPad today to find that I can’t open the file anymore. All it says now it “loading failed, Unable to load document”. Now this was a big file as it was an extensive redesign with many options and a lot of work has gone into this file. And now I can’t open it. Is there like a way to fix this? It’s not in my files app so there is no way of me getting the file through there, if I press save the app freezes and then crashed, and duplicate does nothing. Like I said already a lot of work when into this file, so would it be possible for me to open it again?
  4. So I’m pretty sure I must have messed up the defaults for the spacing and positioning for typing on Affinity Designer at some point cause they are really messed up. Like if I press space it practicly moves over one pixel, which results in me having to press it 5 times so that you can tell that there is a space there. So I was wondering if anyone is able to help me by having the default settings for the spacing and positioning, or at least tell me how to fix this. Thank you in advance!
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