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  1. Hi @Dan C, thx for your quick reply! Aha...I understand! Didn´t know this brush set is available only to AF users...too bad. Yeah...I have the Designer app, only. Thank you very much for the link you shared with me. I will take a closer look at StuartRC´s topic. So again...double thumbs up for that one! Hopefully I can reproduce the effect of the twitter-video I previously linked in AD. Cheers, Fat Cat
  2. Hey @Gnobelix, Thanks for your reply! Maybe there is a misunderstanding. So let me be more clear about what I am actually looking for. This is the effect I am trying to find in the new AD 1.7.1404 version but couldn´t find yet: https://twitter.com/NeilLadkin/status/1124717633197228032 The author of this video suggest to download the "inksy/wet graffitti" brush set from within AD However...as far as I can remember while I installed/updated my version I didn´t receive anykind of notification or whatsoever regarding this brush set. Therefore I thought this effect is the result of the new multibrush tool. Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me regarding this matter! :D Cheers, Fat_Cat
  3. Hello guys! Recently I´ve updated my affinity designer version from 1.7.0. to and so far I´m really enjoying it and loving it for it´s slick design and new functions. One function/tool I was really excited to play around with was the multibrush-tool. The thing is I still can´t find this tool although I did check out the various brush presets in designer as well as pixelpersona-mode. Maybe I overlooked something which is crucial in order to get the multibrush option to work? Thanks for any help!