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  1. Please add column spanning. This is critical and super time saver.
  2. That's it, thank you! I was going crazy trying to find the exact conditions in which this feature worked. It's been such a long time since I gave up on ID due to cost. I was hoping to Bob this worked, but I actually forgot how ID did it and couldn't find a tutorial that covered it. Much appreciated.
  3. Just purchased with the hope of this indispensable feature only to find it not working as expected. When setting "Next Style" on a new "Paragraph Style" and applying to a portion of already placed text, only the initial style is applied. Although now I know documentation states you must press Return while typing text to apply the "Next Style", I believe that bit was added as an after thought when it's intended functionality couldn't quite be fixed. Surely we all know content authors are not layout designers. They do not type their content directly into the layout application. I fully consider this a bug and hope to see it soon fixed in the current initial release as an update and not a future $ paid $ upgrade. Here's hoping I'm wrong about all this. If so please let us know. Thank you.