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  1. Good day! I'm working on some pixel art and Im using the Symbols to make mock ups for my game. However, I noticed a very strange occurrence when it comes to using pixel layers with symbols. I will do my best to write out my thoughts but its easier to show than to tell. Here is a link demonstrating the issue. Here is a written Description of the events 1) I create a stroke with the pixel persona 2) From that stroke I create a symbol 3) Place instances symbols in the scene 4) Attempt to edit the pixel layer in the symbol. This does not effect the other pixel layers in the other instances for some reason. Despite this, scaling and rotating the layer itself still effects the other instances 5) To attempt to fix this, I create a new pixel layer and draw on that. This pixel layer remains synced with the other instances. I then group and rasterize the two layers to update all the instances. This is a very poor description, Please refer to the video of what happens. Attached also is the test file I made for this. PixelLayer_SymbolMadness.afdesign
  2. I know this is a really old post but this is a very big problem for people who need the exact dimensions. I work in video games and I found out a ton of assets i exported were 1 pixel off despite my art boards being set up properly. I wonder if this is a bug or an intended feature. But common I feel like I should've been warned if Affinity decides to change my dimensions.
  3. Found the option hidden away, I probably enabled it with a shortcut by accident. Thanks!
  4. As the Title states. When I'm painting, sometimes I have to use the Pixel tool instead of the brush tool to paint new areas. 2019-09-12 13-56-12.mp4
  5. Here you go, You can see it happen on Layer 1 and a handful of other symbols in layer one Thanks! CatherineBody.afdesign
  6. Hello, When selecting the Symbol, the transform box is bigger than expected, typically this would mean that I have a stray object that is making the transform box bigger than it needs to be. I have gone into the symbol to check the objects to see if there is a stray object that is causing the transform box to be this big. I have verified that the transform box is correct for all the objects in the symbol and there is no stray object that is causing the bounding box to appear big. I am unable to reproduce this and this happens only to some symbols and not all of them.
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