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  1. Yes it is Publisher indeed, I'm so sorry for the mix-up (Designer... InDesign, you know). And thanks for your time! You're absolutly right actually: I did another set of exports a few minutes ago using the default print or export settings, and it looks like what you attached above. Using the internet/screen presets however gave the kind of result I posted in my first message. Increasing the DPI changed the result to something pretty close to what's produced using the other default settings. What I don't understand is why the results were almost identical, whatever I did, last time I tried. Maybe I missed something but still, I'm intrigued. Also (even if sligthly off the question): shouldn't the export using the internet/screen default presets provides a non-pixelated result at 100%? Because it seems to me a bit useless to limit the pictures downsizing to, say 150 DPI, if is supposed to meet screen requirements. As for the last part of your answer ok, this is a fairly logical process. I stumbled across the issue while testing Publisher possibilities, so now the way this works is a lot more clearer to me.
  2. Hi MEB, thanks for the welcoming and the fast reply. Here's the thing: the document settings define a 300 DPI value here, and increasing it to 400 doesn't make the export looking different in any way. Just to be sure that we are on the same page here (since I use the french translated software), the Document Setup you refer to is the one accessible through Ctrl+Shift+P ? Because I'm not seeing any Objects will Rescale option there... Also, this means that we can't apply any effect to some text containing objects if we want to keep the ability to select text once exported in *.pdf, right? The solution here would be to place the text atop a shape to which you apply that desired effect?
  3. Hi and well done for this new software. Great work ! So here's a bug I came across: if you create an asset (in this case containing shapes and paragraphs) and apply an overall effect (such as outer shadow like here applied to the entire asset, whether directly on spread or added directly inside the asset), it then results in a pixelated mess when exported in *.pdf. See below: the same asset with and without this effect applied. There are no changes whenever the *.pdf presets are switched to screen/print.
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