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  1. Thanks guys, Affinity so far keeps getting more fun. I think I'm past the beginner phase where I'm try to figure out all the tools, and I can actually make artwork now! Thanks again
  2. I installed the latest release today, and my presets under 'new" are gone. version
  3. Hey folks! I've created a Style with a stroke and fill. If I have an object already selected, I can click that and it applies the style just fine. What I would like to do though, is click the Style first, and then start drawing with the Pen or Pencil, and be using that style. Right now, I click the style, but as soon as I try to draw it reverts to whatever was being used earlier. Is it possible to click the style and then just start using it?
  4. Hi folks, I have the latest Desginer, and when I try to slide through the History, the program crashes. I found where the crash reports are and I'll try to upload one. Thanks, Clay Rehling 683bf3bc-4b3b-4bd9-a4b2-2ccc7963148b.dmp
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