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  1. Thanks for the clarification, Jeff. It doesn't take much to confuse me to be fair. I look forward to spending time trawling through the forum learning as I go along.
  2. Hi Jeff, thanks for the welcome and appreciate you taking the time to answer my query. I have just purchased Affinity Designer after being more than impressed during the trial, will do the same with Photo and Publisher in the coming days. Amazing product. Keep up the awesome work.
  3. Hi all, Having used the trial of both Photo and Publisher for only a short while I found both software to be pretty user-friendly, fast and certainly promising bits of software. The one question I have is in terms of licensing. The scenario I have is I want to use both Photo and Publisher when at home but also when in my office. The software would never be running on both PC's, only one or the other. With this in mind, do I have to buy a license per software per PC or would I be able to just use one license per software? Please note only myself would be using either PC. Thank you for your help/advise.