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  1. My default setting is 300, but this document that I edit and print weekly was imported from Indesign and started off at 72. I guess the program reads the resolution and tries to choose a DPI for you? If I were to create a new document from scratch every week this would not be a problem. Thanks for helping me understand what's happening.
  2. That is fascinating, Chris. On Mac, the only adjustment I can make is to the print quality. I can adjust it to Best, but that does nothing. However, I looked into File: Document Setup and found the ability to change the DPI of the document. It was set to 72?!?! How does that make sense? Adjusting it corrected the horrible print resolution. Thanks for the insight! The colour can be adjusted in Document Setup as well.
  3. I was asking about printing directly from Affinity Publisher. There are no rasterization DPI settings unless you first export to .PDF. I want to avoid exporting to .pdf and print directly.
  4. I have tried every way I know to bring an image into Affinity Publisher. I have used place image from the side toolbar, place from the menu bar, and replace image from the top toolbar. I have copied and pasted. Nothing seems to work. Do I have to manually change the image to where it is not a linked image? That doesn't seem right and would make all of my files large. It will export to pdf and show full resolution, but it is downgrading the resolution when it exports to print. I'm coming from InDesign and have not had this issue before.
  5. I have to export to a .pdf in order to get the same quality I see in the program. When I print directly from Affinity Publisher the quality is horrible. Why do I have to export in order to print? That is an additional step that I would like for you to eliminate...
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