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  1. MEB that is great and it works! The RAW files opened in Develop Persona which I have not used before. Working on RAW files in Persona I expected to have the choice of tools as in Affinity Photo. The choice is limited. Is there a reason for this? Is it better to work in Photo on JPEG files, which is against the advice of professional photographers because of the damage to JPEG files and loss of quality?
  2. When I try to open a RAW file from Photos using Affinity Photo, the file becomes a JPEG file. But when I work on a photo in Photos usinf Affinity extension, I am working on a RAW file. What am I doing wrong with Affinity photo?
  3. I have tried unsuccessfully to open RAW files in Affinity photo and Develop persona. Downloaded images from the camera is stored in Photos and when I tried to open it from there I got a Jpeg file instead. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Thank you all for your contributions. As the Affinity photo is now available, what is the trial version for?
  5. I am interested in purchasing the Affinity proper! First I want to know that my software is compatible with it. its OS X Lion 10.7.5. thanks
  6. Hi Lee Thank you for this info. This works for existing files but how do I import images directly from the camera? My camera is Canon EOS 100D and is one of the listed cameras. many thanks lynxar
  7. I am very new to Affinity photo. Firs time I downloaded software, I was able to see "download from camera" in the scroll down menu bar. Now its not there. Can somebody help?
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