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  1. cyberchriss

    Strange Metal Problem

    The same problem with Radeon R9 M290X 2GB @MEB Does it make sense to chose "Metal" for Darstellung when Hardware-Beschleunigung for Metal is disabled?
  2. Reseting User Data (press ctrl when startink application) helped to start the app again. Now my photoshop plugins are empty
  3. cyberchriss

    Already pink pictures

    Seems, that they did not implement 6d mark ii support yet. I can confirm this with my raws!
  4. After klicking the Addons Option in Preferences, the program hangs. Killed it with activitymonitor and after that I couldn't start it anymore.
  5. Hi support-team, the new Canon 6d mark 2 is delieverd - I can't wait until Affinity Photo will support this model. Any hints, when it will become available?