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  1. Hi @MEB, Thanks for the welcome and your answer+hint. I am aware of that. The only thing is that this way the object is turned to curves. I once did it when I was trying out a curved corners bar chart. As you might expect all my rounded corners got baked and once the Client and I rejected this idea, I had to redo the entire chart from scratch. At that stage I didn't have charts to copy so I already spend some time designing the rejected chart. Looking forward to the latest update and keeping my fingers crossed about the Base Box overwrite
  2. Dear @MEB @Ben Mentioned once the need of use cases. This is mine. I'm making a 40 page report with multiple charts. The attached image shows a complex chart with the bottom stacked bar chart pasted from Numbers (as PDF). The chart in Numbers was horizontal and with bars of the same height. Once in Publisher/Designer I rotated the bars 90 deg so to have it vertical. Once customised to my needs (different widths, spaced out properly, changed colors) all my heights are widths and vice versa. And here where my issues start. It takes extra, unnecessary mental effort to remember the rotation.
  3. Hi! I thing I'm missing something. I have a document in English. I reinstalled Publisher just in case (1.8.6). In the preflight panel I get 400+ spelling errors stating there is no dictionary en-PL. My spelling language is set to english (btw. it's the only one available), the sentence chosen randomly seems normal and yet I get "Missing dictionary for language (en-PL)" errors. Appreciate the help solving this. My setup: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2,3 GHz Number of
  4. I'm having serious issues with the Boolean operations in the Designer. Here is an example of a super easy mandala made out of circles. The effect is not only lagging but most importantly super unexpected and the software starts to be unreliable. I tried with and without pixel snapping, with and without symbols, filled and not – no luck. What is more frustrating is that every time I get slightly different effect, none of which is the desired one. The Boolean operation ar absolutely necessary for me. If you're not planning to fix them in the coming days/weeks, please let me know – I ne
  5. Like so! Thanks buddy. I wish there would be a way to do this with vector and embedded layers.
  6. Hi! I'm struggling to to do this – https://www.dropbox.com/s/npwdnrt7meqdax3/AFT_ScreenRecording - 20190702_1935.mov?dl=0 – in any of Affinity software. Am I missing something? Lack of a solid transform tool feels to me like a deal breaker. Best regards P.
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