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  1. Sahlsmith

    Inpainting Not Working

    Well, as fate dictates, I discovered the answer after posting my plea for help. I needed to create a pixel layer and set the context for the Inpainting Brush to “Curren layer and below”. Once I’d edited the photo and merged the two layers, I finished my adjustments. The telephone poles and wires are gone and the photo is ready to present.
  2. As a new Affinity Photo iPad Pro user, I am not able to get the Inpainting Brush to highlight the area of an imported photo that I want to remove. The Clone icon gives me access to the Inpainting Brush and the context options appear at the bottom of the screen, but when I touch the area of the photo that I want to edit, nothing happens—no highlighting. I’ve used my finger as well as a stylus. I’m sure this is some newbie error, but I’m stumped. Thank you in advance for your help.