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  1. Keep getting error code -200 trying to upload the original. If the above steps to repro the crash don’t work I’ll try uploading again after work. Thanks for looking into this!
  2. Hi Chris, I’m on the IPad Pro 12.9" 3rd generation. 64gb model with 15gb of free space ive attached both flattened and not, as I have a pretty reliable way to repro the crash on the flattened version select the move tool click on a colored triangle in the upper right of the pano Click the color tool, third down from top right corner move the CYMK slider to change color click on another triangle in the upper right part of the pano change color again click the back arrow button in the upper left corner to return to the documents screen crash The app was working great a while back (month or two ago?) when I was editing the pano. Never had a crash until last night. Big_Left_Candle_Copy.afphoto
  3. Have a large pano I stitched together and it’s about 11k x 3k in size and about 15 layers with alpha masks. I duplicated the document and merged all visible layers and deleted the rest of the layers so it’s just a single rasterized pano. I did this because the app was crashing somewhat randomly today when I came back to working on this document after a month or two hiatus from this app. Even tho I had a single layer, the app would still not cooperate when I would add basic colored triangles to the image (about 6 total) as a short hack to finish up the piece since the app was crashing so often. However the app could not handle this either and would still crash, sometimes when I was editing shapes, sometimes when I would click “back” to the document select page as a trick to get affinity to save my work. Each crash causes me to loose work and we all know how that feels...
  4. I love how each tool can have its own double tap shortcut but the shortcut options are limited. My favorite use of the pencil so far is doing alpha masks. It’s so perfect, precise, and quick in the app + pencil that I’ll probably never do curve selections for cutouts again! One very common task when drawing alpha masks is to switch between black and white colors to draw what part of the layer is visible (white) and what part is hidden (black) Request: Allow double tap shortcut for pencil that switches between two colors, kinda like hitting the X key in photoshop. This will let me quickly swap between black and white brush tool colors when working on alpha masks.
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