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  1. i note some of the comments about being able to find and manage Affinity Files. I normally keep all Editing files in an EDITS Folder. Because these files have no image search i create a jpg with a similar File Name in the same folder it works for me.
  2. i understand the frustration with the lack of a photo manager. Thankfully Adobe Bridge does exactly what I need including adding tags and star ratings. It is probably best left well alone unless Serif produces an equivalent system that links with all the Affinity programs.
  3. The attached images show the difference in framing of the same image which are the same in both camera outputs RAW and jpg. The Microsoft Photo display shows the whole white lily. In Affinity Photo Editor the left side has cut off the petal and the right side is also trimmed. This is the first time I have noticed it and i will be more aware of it in future. Could this be a bug that needs to be resolved.
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