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  1. That's great info, thanks. I'll pass that on. Leon is extremely busy, since he's doing all that in his free time and his todo list is already VERY long
  2. Amazing work Wosven, thanks so much! Gonna check that out in a few. @v_kyr, it’s a bit more complex actually. I’m using Reaper (digital audio workstation) and the devs created a very in-depth API. So, users can write their own scripts in LUA. A very talented coder named Leon created this powerful script called LBX Stripper, which enables us to control Reaper from a touch screen. Since this is a LUA script, of course there are limits. I don’t think the API provides SVG support. That’s why things are the way they are.
  3. Yes, I also thought that two states would be enough. But the software I’m using unfortunately needs the whole shebang.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome and the feedback! For the time being, I’m doing the graphics in Designer and the button creation takes place in Knobman. That’s a workable solution :) Cheers, Stevie
  5. Hey all, I'm designing a silder for a touch application and I was wondering: what is the fastest way to get 128 different slider positions? (got Designer and Photo). Example of 3 different positions: Cheers, Stevie
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