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  1. I use FontBase for managing my fonts, and I had Garamond from Google Fonts. Installing the same very font directly into the system solved the problem, even though I'm not fan of this solution.
  2. After updating to the new version, when I export the pdf file, the EB Garamond font renders as a total mess. The font is rendered correctly in the application itself (as well as other applications). Only regular style has this problem, bold, italic, medium render right. The issue is persistent both in the old files and the new ones. Reinstalling the font from the Google Fonts didn't solve it. I have not encountered that problem with other fonts yet. It appeared immediately after updating to the version 384. bug_test.afpub bug_test.pdf
  3. Interestingly, if I don't embed the font, the resulting PDF renders it right.
  4. As I mentioned, font reinstallation didn't do any good. Moreover, in other programs, like word, text renders as intended. I believe the export settings are default