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  1. So I just learned something today... When Affinity Publisher 1.7.1 is crashing because of a big file, you can open the file in Affinity Photo and tweak things. After replacing big images (some 16mb, some possibly 26mb) with smaller images (2-5mb), I could re-open the file in Affinity Publisher and it wouldn't crash in the first 10 seconds. It's a miracle!
  2. I have a problem very similar to ea0723. I don't know what build I was using before today, but when I updated today, the problem was still there. I have a very complicated file with lots of embedded pictures. The current issue is with saving. It saves sometimes, but doesn't other times. When it doesn't, most of the time the save bar stays blank while it eats up hard drive space (it's gotten me down from 17GB to 25mb when I didn't catch it fast enough). (Once or twice, it's managed to finally save after making no progress for a few minutes, but I don't know what was different about those times. Either way, it's not ideal..) Would you call that crashing? It doesn't automatically quit (whereas it does when I tweak a table in ways it doesn't likeā€”but I just gave up on tables a few days ago). I'm new to this whole tech beta thing, so I don't know if I've given you sufficient information. I'm hoping you can help. Anyway, "game char book simplified" is the one that crashes repeatedly, while "came char book front" is a much earlier version that does not crash at all. I know that may not be helpful, but it's the best I have. game_char_book_simplified.afpub game char book front.afpub