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  1. Ok, i found the problem. It's coming from the Preferences. If you use the Metal option in display (in Performance), you first have to change to another option, restart AFP, choose Metal and then restart again. For me it's working
  2. I have checked the Brush - Selection and there are no Dynamics an Texture options.
  3. No, the problem is not there. As you can see, the brush is round. I have this problem onIy when options Current layer and below and Layers Beneath are enabled. Everything is fine with Current layer
  4. Hi, I prefer to send you another picture because this is a work for a customer. As you can see, the Clone Stamp is working like a cube. IMG_2051.afphoto
  5. Hi, I have also a problem with Clone Tool. When i'm working directly on the layer, it's ok. When i'm working with a pixel layer without anything on it, see the video. Regards, CloneTool.mov