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  1. Okay thank you I still don't understand everything, but that's probalby my lack in experience in Affinity. I think i did the same things in the previous version and was able to edit the text (after i found out about the checkbox "import psd text as ..." Thanks for the help, appreciate that
  2. Okay... sorry once again it's me. Just discovered something. Text is NOT editable when i use "export as psd" Text is editable when i use "save as (affinty files)" So now i can edit my new (text) files, but not my old ones made in PS ore in the previous version.
  3. The file was last opened on 28 may 2019, that's before the update (right?) The file was made in Affinty. I'm only using Affinity for a few weeks, so i don't have that many files made in Affinity. New files have the same problem. Text layers will open as bitmap / pixel layer, despite the "import as text .." is checked.
  4. Another thing i noticed i'm working on a file and everything is fine (except the text editing), than after a little while i can't resize, rotate or drag a layer. I have to save, close and restart the program.
  5. Hi Chris, Thank you Just send you one. Hope it is a good one, i can't open to check it
  6. I'm a new Affinty Photo user, after years of photoshop cc After the recent update i can't edit my text layer any more. My files are being opened as a regular pixel layer. I was able to do it in the previous version. The following things i checked/did: Affinity Photo Preferences, General section and check Import PSD text as text rather than bitmap. (it is still checked like before) I restarted the pc. I don't know if it is a bug, but i really need to edit my text layers Thx!
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