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  1. This topic is brought up again and again, even as far as 2017. It is the highest on annoyance list as I use Affinity a lot for annotating heavily CADs, beyond what PDF handlers can provide, and creating figures and media based on PDFs. Often I get a PDF with embedded fonts from sources I can't control (datasheets, received CADs, etc.). The files are usually large drawings; rendering a flat pixel image is unthinkable (300dpi A2, yeah right haha). My workaround is to get a postscript version of the file by "printing" it through Postscript drivers (but then I also lose some editability).
  2. Hi forum, I am looking to connect shapes with curved lines in order to create flowcharts-like figures. I am trying to see if it's possible to have a line land on an object and lock its position relative to the object, very much like how objects are connected in Draw.io. I understand this is not the primary use of Affinity Photo; although the tool has proven invaluable for me in engineering work and I am looking to see if it would work with this need. A sample of what I am trying to achieve is below, and straightforward to do: The problem is that if I rearrange the shapes, the path does not follow and must be repositioned manually: The result I hope to achieve would move the path along with the object as I drag it: Thanks!
  3. Thanks, the provided link is actually the exact information needed. I must have missed it.
  4. Hi, This question concerns Affinity Photo (as it is the only one I have). Several topics on the forum relate to doing boolean operations though the Operations tools, but I realized they are nowhere to be found in Affinity Photo, and most topics do not specify if they concern Photo or Designer. Am I to understand that boolean operations on shapes are not supported in Affinity Photo?
  5. Hi, I am an avid Photo user for graphs and technical figures (non-CAD) and frequently need to either extract content or edit directly PDFs, which usually works wonderfully. However one recurring issue that I have is when PDFs have embedded fonts and upon import, the affected text is distorted heavily. This issue has been covered already in a lengthy and old thread here: Import PDF with embedded fonts. However this thread is now quite old and verged into the topic of font licensing and rights. To the best of my knowledge, this wasn't the core of the issue. We were told embedded font support would be added at some point. Is there an update on this feature? Is it still planned? I have to go to lenghty workarounds when I really need the source PDF edited (and keep its vector content), involving getting it out as an EPS and then back into Affinity Photo (which sometimes fails too).
  6. Updated: Fixed, see last line. Hello, Odd behavior experienced: In a particular file I can no longer move-clone items. To be specific, I mean when using the Move tool and you press Ctrl and then drag an item. The expected behavior is to have the item move-cloned. My resulting behavior is the item is simply moved. The erratic behavior is experienced with many kinds of item: tried with curve, shape and pixel. Only in this document. Affinity Photo on Windows 10 Update: found that I had a document-wide pixel selection ongoing (marching ants). Ctrl-D to deselect and now the Move tool works as expected.
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