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  1. Thanks for your help Fde101. Problem solved! :-)
  2. 1) Opened a AffPhoto, did export it once in TIFF using the Export Persona; 2) Closed the AffPhoto; 3) Reopened the AffPhoto, and made a change; 5) Opened the Export Persona to verify if the "Continuous" feature will be active, and it is still greyed out. I might be missing something, but don't know what (?).
  3. Thanks Fde101. To do the export from the Export Persona with the ''Continuous'' export feature on is a very interesting idea, which might work very well. However, I gave it a try in exporting a photo in TIF 16-Bit, and the Continuous feature is greyed out, and I need to understand why (?). If I get it to work, that might be ''the'' solution for linking and getting updates when changes are made in AffPhoto.
  4. Hello Jon, It is of course not ideal! Files in Affinity Photo are big when they contain a lot of layers, which is the case in the project I am working on. The original file should be linked and only a good preview should be shown in Publishing. That way we can build large documents in keeping the file size manageable. Before Publishing came out, I was using inDesign (I've canceled my subscription when Publishing came out in beta) in which I've created a large size photo book with 130 photographs in Photoshop format at 300 DPI. All files were linked, and the inDesign file was kept small and easy to work with. I'm hoping to be able to find the same function in Publishing, which by the way I have already pre-ordered. Keep up the good work.
  5. Thanks Aammppaa for the information. Let's hope that the feature will be added soon to the coming beta updates.
  6. Version 371 does exactly the same thing. If I create a one page document, and place a ".afphoto" file which is 196 MB, the Publisher file will be 197 MB. The link function does not work. I should see only a preview of the file, not the full version.
  7. The download link was at the top of the forum listing. I will install and try, and see if there are any changes.
  8. I am using version, where can I download the 371 version? I'll give it a try and see if it fixes the linked issue. Otherwise, I will contact support. Thanks.
  9. In Document Setup, Image Placement Policy is set to "Prefer Linked". However, files seem to not be linked, but always embedded. For instance, when I place a photograph in the default Affinity Photo format (afphoto), Publisher increase the file size, and it increases drastically when I place other photographs into the document. As an example, the first photo placed is 196 MB, and the Publisher file size is 197 MB. Adding a second photo, the size of the Publisher document goes to 403 MB. I have done a publication with 36 pages and the size of the file was up to 10 GB. Therefore, in these conditions it is impossible to use the program to compose large documents. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks, Marcel