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  1. I am trying to cut out a portion of one photo(ie 2 people)and paste them into another photo but when I paste the cut out into the other photo only the outline is pasted no detail of faces?.
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    cutting out

    there is no detail IE the cut out is of a photo of my granddaughters but as you can see the cut out is just an outline and not the photo
  3. benrymnd

    cutting out

    This is the screen shot after trying to paste the cut out, see in the top left hand corner of the screen shot is the outline of the paste with no detail of the photo I cut out..
  4. I am just learning a.f and I have just straightened a photo but am left with transparency around the edges of the photo how can I remove this ?. Thank you in advance Ray
  5. When I open the brushes via view studio I can see all brushes installed but how do I use them, if I click on particular brush and then move over my opened photo all that happens is I move the photo around ? .
  6. Sorry it took so long to answer you all but thanks for your'e replies
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    Thanks every one for your'e replies they are very helpful and much appreciated
  8. I am new to affinity photo and any kind of photo editing software, the question I am asking is when editing photo's you could end up with quite a few layers and or masks when you have finished your'e editing do you then merge all these layers or is the last layer you worked on your'e final result.
  9. Thanks Walt,I am just learning affinity photo and seem to be asking a lot of questions
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    Heart Shape Vector Brush

    thanks for the brush
  11. how can I get the brushes panel to open
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    Thank you for you're help very much appreciated
  13. I have the affinity work book when I try to download /install the resource for a particular lesson/tutorial all get when type in the resource address and search I get no results for you're search, the latest resource I tried was HDR_AT_NIGHT_AFPHOTO.am I doing some thing wrong,I must admit I am a complete novice when it comes toAffinity photo.
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    Thank you Markw have sourced what you explained and downloaded the projects resources. You're help is much appreciated.
  15. In the affinity photo workbook there is tutorial that says you can resize a photo using the crop tool, it states you can crop to the general sizes photo's use ie 6in x 4in,7in x 5in etc how ever I cannot see any of the sizes mentioned only pixel counts.Can any one explain where I could find these inch sizes. Regards Ray
  16. How canI put 2 different photo's on A4 document.
  17. Thank you for you're reply much appreciated
  18. I am trying to print some photo's in affinity photo 1.7 in documents I enter the size of paper A4 size and enter 7inch x 5inch for the photo but when I print the photo the come on the correct size of paper but the photo's come out as 7inch x 7inch ,could some one please explain why and how to solve the problem.I AM on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.5. regards Ray
  19. Thanks for you're reply did what you advised and the photo came out as I resized its there a way to change the position of the photo, it comes out in the middle of the page and I would like to get 2 7"x 5" prints on a A4 page.Sorry if I seem a bit thick but I have only just installed affinity photo and I am new to photo editing
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all my name is Ray and I have installed Affinity Photo 1.7.1,am really new to photo editing so I bought the workbook as well. I think this book is a must for every one newbies like me and those more advanced.Looking forward to learning the ins and outs of Affinity Photo.
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    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Seeing was published in 2017 how will fare with dealing with 1.7 and other updates
  22. Could you tell me why it says $9.99 or what ever that gets converted to in you're local currency, mine is GB pounds converted it is approx £8.00 and when I go to the buy page it says £19.99,I talking about Affinity photo solid foundation. Benrymnd