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  1. Thanks. By the way I love all your applications. It's amazing what you've create.
  2. Sorry, I mean with Retina Low Quality Mode (faster) the problem persists.
  3. It happened in Affinity Photo once. I don't used Affinity Designer a lot since the version 1.7. For now, I decreased the monitor resolution to 2560x1440px to work faster. I believe is a HiDPi lag, cause with the high performance mode, the problem persists.
  4. 4k - 3840 x 2160 pixels. With 1920x1080 appearance (HiDPI).
  5. Yes, it still happened. But It happens too in Affinity Photo (and high fan noise). I'm using a MacBook Pro 2015 (closed lid) with a 4k external display. The good news is that I tried decrease the display resolution to 2560x1440px and this problem disappeared (even the high fan noise). And Affinity become even more faster.
  6. I'm using a external monitor with my macbook. Every time when I apply a text style the monitor turn to black. Only happens when I use this styles. I tried all modes, metal, open gl and worked in the same way. IMG_4418.MOV

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