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  1. Sorry this is my first time on any forum so I don't know how to reply to you directly. According to NexusFont I now have 2785 fonts installed (1601 items in Windows Font folder). I'm not sure at what point fonts missing fonts started becoming available but I think I tried when I had culled to about 5000 fonts at which point they still weren't available. After that I just kept uninstalling until where I am now. I just installed another font and it showed up no problems
  2. I think it might be something along these lines. I was having the same problem. All the fonts on my system were available in Designer but not in Designer or Publisher 1.7 betas noticeably the most recently installed fonts. I had a lot of fonts (>6000) so I decided to prune them back and now have about 2800 fonts. I tried Designer and Publisher 1.7 betas again and those fonts are now available. I hope this helps
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