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  1. thanks for the thread J, I thought I was cracking up, hopefully someone at affinity can help with this. I kept thinking that I had done something to my camera.
  2. Thanks Lee for your reply, Camera is Canon 70D, and I don't use RAW. Before the update it use to show 19 focus points all white in colour, since the update the left hand one on the centre row is green. I don't think it's the camera because when I look at the images on the rear screen it shows where I focussed, and most of my photos are captured in single point, centre. They are always centre even though photographing air craft sometimes puts my square in a piece of blank sky, but that is me. I'm baffled. Also if I may bend your ear, I seems to have lost the progression bar after doing a
  3. when I put photo into develop mode and then click "focus" the points show on the screen but it is always the left centre one that shows green, even when I know I used centre fosussing. Is this a glitch or normal.
  4. Thank very much MEB, problem fixed, I just couldn't find it, it seemed easier on the last edition, so happy now, thanks again for your help.
  5. I changed over to 1.7 yesterday and have found that the hide selection (cntrl H) doesn't work. Have been to preferences but there is nothing there. I used this feature in the last one before I updated, and use it quite a lot. Any ideas please.
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