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  1. Hi Jennifer! It's fixed, yay! So I got in touch with Affinity and they explained as so; "As you have some transparency applied to the drop shadow and as PNG files support transparency, it's keeping that when exported to PNG. I expect i get is exactly what i see in Designer. JPG files don't support transparency, so it just uses a solid fill which give the drop shadow more of an effect when exported. If you edit the Drop shadow and increase the Opacity to closer to 100% you'll start getting a darker drop shadow and that will be kept on export" Yep! That simple haha. Thanks everyone who responded, I really appreciated all the tips Stay safe, Helen xx
  2. Thanks Jennifer. Ok brill, I will try your way and see if I can get it to work, thank you! As far as I'm aware, I should have the latest retail version. There doesn't seem to be any updates available so fingers crossed! Just going to have a go at this shadow thing now! Thanks again, Helen xx
  3. Hi jmwellborn! Thank you sooo much for going over this all with me. However, I don't feel as advanced as you lol. I don't know which version of Affinity I'm using, I just downloaded the one for Windows from their site. Also, I only have the option to export a PNG as a 'whole document' and nothing else I think I'll just copy and paste the text and move the duplicate behind the 'main' text and then reduce the opacity by 50% and see if this works instead Thank you so much again, Helen x
  4. Thanks Telemax! I'll try it with a new design and see if I get the same issues. Thanks again, Helen
  5. Hello all, I am struggling to export a design (in Affinity Designer) with drop shadow. I have text with the effect 'outer shadow' which looks great however, when I export this as a PNG, it is no longer there!? The file dimensions (if you need to know) are 7632 px by 6480 px in 300 dpi. I simply select 'export' and click PNG but don't have many options. I'm just leaving it as PNG. Not sure what PNG-8 (dithered) is or if that will make a difference? I'm using version Please help! I can't see what I'm doing wrong? Thank you all in advance Helen x
  6. @Leigh Ooo Hang fire! I think I've fixed it! Will shout if I have any more issues. But thank you so much for your kind offer to help! Have a fab weekend, Hels x
  7. @Leigh Thank you very much! Just done this for you Much appreciated x
  8. I too am getting exactly the same! Trying to upgrade to the new 1.7 (using Windows 10) however, it seems to be doing something with .Net!? Then I get this message; When I go into the Affinity programmes, it just keeps asking me if I want to upgrade!!
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