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  1. pritamkumar

    Brush Automasking

    I am also a newbie like Vladimir. I come from a Lightroom background. In Light Room, It's very easy to paint using adjustment brush with auto masking on so that the painting is restricted within the boundary, it make life so much simpler. Can we achieve such a thing in Affinity Photo ? Some kind of paint brush settings or something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Pritam Kumar
  2. OK got it, thanks Old Bruce. Looks like a product bug to me. @All, since you all veterans in AF, i need guidance is best practice of how to minimize the afphoto size and maximizing the performance. Will appreciate the help. Thanks Pritam
  3. HI Old Bruce, Thanks for the video capture to explain the solution. But, I quite did not solution, except just learning that it has something to do with channel tab. Can you please elaborate ? Thanks Pritam
  4. Thanks Guys , thx for the response, @carl123, 1. I am going to give the photo to a client who is going to print the photo. That's the purpose of this shoot 2. I did not save the history intentionally, as it would bloat the size, The file size is already too heavy. I have some questions on file size, in the below section 3. You asked for original photo. Doesn't the afphoto saved file carry the original photo ? If no, why the file sizes are too heavy ? @firstdefence, 1. You said that's "baked into the layer", what do you mean by that. I disabled all the layers , still I saw the transparent colored rectangle appearing in the background photo. This means, it's not part of any layer. 2. Looks like you resolved the issue with "selection" and "selective color". You did the selection after hiding all the layers ? 3. The solution you provided, will that be print friendly, Will it show up if the photo is blown up ? @carl123 & @firstdefence, I am more concerned about unpredictability of the issue than the resolving the issue itself. Could it reappear ? What could be the actual cause ? Could it be a bug in the product / version ? The other issue is about file size. Lets say, i opened a new JPEG file with size X MB. The moment i save the file ( without any retouching) the file gets saved as 4 X MB or more. I don't know why it's happening. This poses two challenges 1. If this continues, i will run out of space soon. 2. This might be contributing to slowness ( all kinds of slowness, painting, rendering etc) Is there any best practice to deal with the space and performance issue ? Thanks Pritam
  5. HI Carl, Here is the afphoto project, uploaded to Google Drive. Please let me know if you have any issues downloading the file. The size is around 850 MB. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10-sFlbnIda5cZUP83Ln_Jsh-L59uTwxw/view?usp=sharing Thanks Pritam
  6. Hi John, yes, i checked the layers, nothing fishy. I even disabled them, still it appears. I think it's something happening above all the layers. Neither healing , nor patching or anything makes it go away. Sure Carl, i will upload the afphoto project. Where can i upload it ? Would you prefer one of your cloud links or mine ? Thanks Pritam
  7. HI Guys, I bought the AF license recently and trying to retouch some photos. I went through all the post processing and eventually i am seeing a green light trasparent square from no where. I can't do anything about it. Please see the attached image. It's really frustrating to see all the work go in waste. Need urgent help !!! Here are some additional details > AF version 1.7.0 ( upgraded recently from 1.6.X) > Refer to the 2nd attachment to see my settings for Color format and profile Thanks Pritam