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  1. Just D/Led Photo and upgraded to same. The curves adjustment now works as expected. Thank you
  2. Hi Chris B, Thank you for getting back to me and for the advice on posting to the bug section. I believe I've found your thread with the other customer experiencing the curves adjustment freeze and have read through it. My experience is the same as Wolfgang's. I'm now following that thread and hoping for a resolution. I understand how busy you all are with the 1.7 release of Photo and Designer and with Publisher about to go live. Hope to hear from you soon.
  3. yet another update: I updated Photo to Update ran successfully. Launched Photo, tried to add a curves adjustment and Photo goes into "not responding" mode. I noted in task manager that even though Photo was "not responding" it was using 27% of cpu and an instance of crashpad_handler.exe was running in the process stack. I let this run for 10 minutes and then killed the process. No diagnostic data found in %appdata%\roaming\affinity\photo\1.0\[attachments | backtrace | reports] . I'm disappointed that almost a week has passed and, except for an initial "try t
  4. Hi stokerg Thank you for looking into this. I've renamed the %appdata%\Affinity\1.0 folder as per your instructions. I did get a EULA on launch of AP 1.7 Curves adjustment (added via CTRL + M) however the problem is still present. an update...for you: I uninstalled photo 1.7, restarted computer, installed 1.7 - so this would be a 'from scratch' install, not an upgrade. Curves adjustment problem still persists. Uninstalled photo 1.7, restarted computer, installed 1.7 in a different account (the one used for video editing). Curves problem persists.
  5. I need some help and advise. I just upgraded Affinity Photo from to OS is windows 10 pro 1809 build 17763.529 The upgrade itself ran smoothly - no problems encountered. I discovered that adding a curves adjustment (ctl-M, or via Layer menu) to a pixel layer does not bring up the curves dialog - nothing happens - until clicking anywhere on the GUI: then Photo goes into "not responding" mode. I tried this several times with different images and got the same result. I restarted the PC but the problem persists. I also tried running Photo from
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