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  1. Adding another stroke in the appearance panel is much more elegant than creating a copy of a vectorized curve and solved the issue with the black rim. Thank you 😊
  2. I tried out your method. In detail, changed the decimal places to a higher value (the highest is 6), changed the document units to pixels and adjusted the curves in the transform panel (some were now 299,998 pixels wide and changed them to integer numbers, e.g. 300), and also restarted affinity. The issue persists and can be recreated: New document, draw any Bézier curve (probably any shape works, too), add white outline, export as PDF. The outlined curved gets rasterized in that process and the pixelated curve has some black rim at various zoom levels. Apparently the rasterization of "un
  3. Hello, I came across an issue concerning the outline effect when applying a white outline (on a white or transparent background). When a white outline is set, then the white outline also comes with a tiny, but noticeable, black edge when exported to PDF and viewed with Adobe Acrobat (all zoom levels) or Foxit Reader (vanishes when zoomed in over approx 1000%). The same issue is apparently not present when exporting in other formats, however, the shapes with outlines are getting rasterized, which is also not welcome. Any idea how to add a white outline to shapes/without causing a tiny
  4. I came here just to thank you for that feature alone. Small things like this were the only reason I kept Illustrator on my drive. Thank you for being finally able to deinstall Illustrator :-)
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